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Doaa ... a queen on her wheelchair, which did not affect the beauty of white gauze covered her knee after her leg was amputated, and one shell had not heard her voice she said, "Ajt strike and the sound of money ... but I got .. and Okhaddona Dgra

"I have become a big" "sang" did not exceed its eighth year, when Condi. "Qalouli Hla Btji mother." Waited .. but they were Aodonha final farewell witness ... "sang" a mother who did not exceed the eighth story ... "sang" worth pursuing and publishing ....

حصار ـ قصف ـ نقص في الغذاء ـ ندرة في الماء ـ بطالة ـ الحياة معدومة ـ أطفال جياع ـ أيتام ـ أرامل كلمات تلخص حياة السوريين في سنواتهم الخمس العجاف، هي ليست قصة حي من أحياء دمشق،