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Doaa ... a queen on her wheelchair, which did not affect the beauty of white gauze covered her knee after her leg was amputated, and one shell had not heard her voice she said, "Ajt strike and the sound of money ... but I got .. and Okhaddona Dgra

Almhvy "This shell was enough Baqaad Rose in a wheelchair. The dialect Syrian and where mingled water Orontes and Barada, says about her" hour descended mean shell I started I Twist and Ntoot "was the guilt of a prayer she returned to say to those who gave them a meal of rice Bbazlae only "hand over your hands and drink cup, Mi ..." prayers of thousands of girl who Ngo .. but there are those who have not heard the story, because the sound of the bullet that killed them, were higher than their voices. Let us all with her brothers and prayers .. .. to retrieve Children of Syria